Polymer rheology Analyzer with Slip-link model of enTAnglement

PASTA is a stochastic simulation program which calculates the rheological properties of polymeric liquids from a knowledge of the molecular weight distribution and branching structure. The simulation method is based on the slip-link model, in which polymer molecules interact only through the creation and release of binary entanglements.
The three important relaxation mechanisms, i.e., reptation, contour-length fluctuation and constraint release, are taken into account. PASTA can handle polydisperse linear and star polymers, and can calculate various linear and nonlinear rheological properties.

Examples of applications

  • - Linear viscoelasticity
    Linear relaxation modulus
    Storage and loss moduli
  • - Nonlinear stress relaxation
  • - Nonlinear viscosity (shear and elongation)
  • - Dielectric relaxation
  • - Self diffusion coefficient

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