MUltiFarious FIeld simulator for Non-equilibrium system

MUFFIN is a general solver for the continuum models for the dynamics of soft materials based on finite difference method (FDM) or finite element method (FEM). MUFFIN includes six packages, Elastica, ElaDyna, GelDyna, Electrolyte, MEMFluid and PhaseSeparation, and can deal with various problems in soft materials, such as the elasticity of multi-phase materials, swelling and deswelling of gels, ion transport in charged colloids, reaction and diffusion in narrow channels, phase separation and droplets deformation in shear and electric field. MUFFIN can take the multi-phase structure obtained by SUSHI and can calculate various properties such as the effective elastic modulus of the system.

Examples of applications

  • - Phase separation of polymeric fluids under shear flow
  • - Spin coating
  • - Electro-rheological fluids
  • - Electrophoresis and electroosmosis
  • - Micro-reactors and micro-fluid chips
  • - Soft-actuators using electrolyte gels
  • - Drug delivery systems using pH-sensitive gels

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