Graphical Open User interface foR Multi-scale analysis EnvironmenT

GOURMET is a platform on which simulation programs run. GOURMET provides a common graphical user interface for all simulation programs. GOURMET is an editor of the input data, a viewer of the output data, a tool to make graphs and animations, and most importantly a place for various simulation programs to meet and exchange the information they have. These services can be customized and enhanced by users. New simulation programs can be easily connected to GOURMET by writing the input and output files in a certain text file format.

Examples of applications

  • - Editor/Browser/Designer for UDF files
  • - Viewer for 3D graphics of UDF objects
  • - gnuplot interface for analysis
  • - python scripting and actions for UDF objects
  • - Unit system conversion
  • - Import filter for external data files
  • - Simple Molecular builder using molfile/PDB file

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